Student Wellbeing

Restorative Justice

It assists children in enhancing their resilience and assertiveness.

At SPN we implement a Restorative Justice program aimed at a positive resolution to conflicts that may arise. This program incorporates strategies for collaborative problem solving and assists children in enhancing their resilience and assertiveness. The principles of RJ are: Inclusivity, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Empowerment, Forward Looking and Optimism.

Restorative Justice is a program initiated by Marist Youth Care and was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations as a quality teacher initiative under the Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme.  

The St. Philip Neri RJ Program is co-ordinated by a teacher and is led by our RJ Leaders who are students from Stage 3. The criteria for a Stage 3 student to take on this role of leadership is that they are required to apply for the position, demonstrate understanding of the role and embrace the role with enthusiasm.  

The guiding principles of this program are:

  • Foster awareness in the child of our their actions affect others
  • Avoidance of blame and lecturing
  • Involving the child actively
  • Separating the deed from the doer and recognition of a child’s worth
  • Seeing every serious instance of wrongdoing and conflict as an opportunity for learning

It is a highly effective program in developing within children strategies for learning, managing behaviour and resolving conflict.

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