St Philip Neri School Hosts Japanese Students

What an exciting week we have had. We had a fabulous time hosting our 24 students from the Happy Science Academy Kansai Junior and Senior High School Japan. Four of our SPN families along with families from the parish and local community provided homestays for our visitors.

The SPN students enjoyed the cross cultural experience. They experienced origamii, calligraphy and had the opportunity to share Australian history and geography lessons. In addition to this the children were treated to a Karate exhibition by a female Japanese champion Midori who is in training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! “Ganbatte Midori Chan”!
We were also treated to a dance exhibition by Japanese National Champions.

On Tuesday we celebrated with a “Sushi/ Sausage Sizzle Party”! It was totemo “oishikatta!” (very delicious). The children also enjoyed the playground basketball challenge. It was a fantastic experience for all involved. We exchanged friendships as well as an abundance of cultural knowledge.


St Philip Neri School Northbridge

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